Microsoft Excel Application Development and Training

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful tool that you can use to manipulate, analyze, and present data. Wyatt Automation has Excel Developers with extensive experience training and developing excel applications to include advanced formulas, custom functions, and Visual Basic for Application (VBA) development.


Examples of Excel Products Built:

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Excel Exam/Test Creator

This Excel Application creates a Test/Exam from a question bank stored in multiple worksheets. Each worksheet stores a set of questions from a particular subject area. Create the test by selecting the number of questions from each subject area. Question are then selected at random from the question bank. Press “Create Test.” When the test is created a separate workbook (named “Test”) is saved in the same directory as the test creator itself. This is the student version. You provide this to the individual to take the test. The user enter student name and student number in to the “Start Here” form. Then he/she presses “Start Test”. This will unlock the test and activate the test page. After the user completes his test he will return to the start page and press “End Test”. The test will end, it will be score and locked down from any changes.

Travel Tracking Dashboard

In this Excel dashboard the client had a long list of personnel traveling around the globe for business reasons. A dashboard was needed to track travel by employee and purpose. Wyatt built a dashboard to plot the trips, details, amount of travel, and travel purpose. With this new dashboard the client was able to view information by each traveler and project for analytical and management purposes.

Training Dashboard

In this Excel dashboard the client was creating a training matix for newlly hired personell. Several new courses were being developed and new positions withing the complay were beimg create. This dashboard provied the status of each course in development and each position being created.


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